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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 30, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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facebook page, there is gretawire. we do so much and check out behind the scene videos and comments tell me what you think about off-the-record each night. good night from new york city. see you tomorrow night 7:00 tonight on "red eye", what happens when someone other than fox news hosts the republican debate? we recap the mad cap so-called debate next. and how do the super rich get to be super rich? i promise our discussion will feature the word "boot straps." and what happened on my lunch date with the one and only mr. mr. donald trump. it was so fantastic your head will spin like linda blair. tiers, a news break -- first a news break. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm patricia stark. the senate approved final passage of the two-year budget and debt deal. the agreement will raise the government debt ceiling until march 2017 preventing a default just days from now.
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it will also set the budget of the government through the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years. there is a new speaker in the house. congressman paul ryan's first order of business as speaker was to call for unity and better cooperation. >> let's be frank. the house is broken. we are not solving problems. we are adding to them. and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. [applause]. >> ryan is replacing the ohio congressman john boehner who announced he was stepping down last month. a jetliner catching fire before takeoff in fort lauderdale, florida. one person was injured seriously. the passengers were hurt escaping down an emergency chute and not from the fire. >> i was completely asleep.
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when i woke up i was hearing screams and people crying. >> i heard a bump and i heard people screaming and running to the front. i'm like what's happening? i turn around and look in the window and it is like flames. >> the ntsb is investigating the cause of the fire. the plane carrying more than 100 passengers was scheduled for takeoff to venezuela. i'm patricia stark. now back to our overnight show you can't get enough of, "red eye." for all of score head -- for all of your headlines log on to fox >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy over at the news desk.
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andy this must be a big day for you. >> why is that? >> it is national cat day. >> oh. >> this is like your christmas, isn't it? >> it is like my christmas. >> it is national cat day. >> okay, can we move on? >> i bet you have a huge night planned. >> i am sick to death of the [bleep] cat stuff. yes i have cats, but my life doesn't revolve around them. i am not a crazy cat person. i am tired of the [bleep] cat jokes when i am not here, just stop it. >> happy national cat day, andy. >> let's welcome our guest. she is the hottest thing since toasted bread. when our audience is down with dc, they don't mean him. he and i met at the 1950s sitcom dad look alike contest. reason magazine editor in chief matt welch. you would think he was ikea
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furniture. sitting next to me is the comedian anthony devito. let's start the show. we begin with wednesday's republican debate hosted by cnbc a subsidiary of seaworld. much of the post debate discussion today the moderators and what a great job they did. >> what did you think of the mainstream media questions? what did you think of the moderators? >> i thought they did a good job. i had time to speak. i am appreciative of how they did their job. it was not a circus like we had in the past. it was well done and well controlled and we had a lot of good questions. >> i think kasich thinks for most. he asked tough, but fair questions. i was surprised when halfway through they took a break and let ted cruz moderate. >> are you a comic book
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villain? >> they can have it anyway you want. >> ben carson can you do path? math? >> john kasich will you insult people over here? >> you don't scare senior citizens with that. >> marco rubio, why don't you resign? >> i didn't inherit money. >> jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen sph. >> by my nature i am impatient. >> what did the viewers think of the debate? here is some people's focus group as they watched a particularly heated moment. >> i just want the record to reflect i asked about the debt limit and got no answer. >> do you want me [inaudible]. >> it really was a wild ride, wasn't it? matt, were you as entertained as the people there in the focus group? >> i always wanted to hear about cnbc moderators, but
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never heard of their student loan situations. glad we got to the bottom of that. they talked about the weird political views of some earn person i think named tom price who served on the board of hewlett-packard. why are we talking about that at a debate? it was fascinating to watch a television train wreck as bad as that was. >> are you not interested? how about quick ander her loans? >> becky quick was great. when you thought they couldn't ask a dumber question like the fantasy football draft king thing and jeb bush says well yeah i guess we do need to regulate that. what was jeb bush talking about? >> it was a tough flight for jeb bush. i think this was one of his -- was it his last hoora h h? is it over for jeb bush? >> seems done. >> really? >> i'm saying that. he even went after marco
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rubio. he was too mean to him. he came off like a villain. >> why did everyone agree that was a bad moment? people attack each other all the time. >> he just seemed so unlinable when he did it. >> rubio just neutralized that before. like 10 minutes before he talked about how the newspaper did this and they are inconsistent and they didn't do the same critique against john kerry. it was done and the crowd clapped. marco rubio. and jeb bush said someone told me i need to make this attack. i shall turn and make my attack. when rubio came back and said whatever advisor told you to say that they were wrong. >> jeb bush planned that and rubio took his steam away and he got really mad. >> he says he is not a performer. he says he is a doer and you have to perform. it is show biz. you have to bring it. that's what everybody is waiting for, for it to turn into a biker shootout.
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>> that's the thing. donald trump is a performer. why can't jeb counter that and play against that? that's not his strength. why isn't he going in the other direction? >> he was taken down with a cage match. >> you are in the mix with politics. everybody has to be polite. we are not making girl scout cookies. it is like going on spring break and being offended by thongs. >> you mean the sandals, right? >> that's pretty sexist for this panel, isn't it? >> debates used to be an afterthought. now it seems to be all diseeded on the debate stage, right? >> i never used to watch the debates at all.
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maybe the final one. these primary debates are really shaping up to be kind of exciting. and i think technology has something to do about it as well. people are tweeting it or they are on facebook. i can have my question possibly be read and answered on the stage. i am definitely going to ask about fantasy football. i have to say i learned nothing about the economy, but i learned if you had moderators who are asking questions that are areppoignted, i like every person on that stage. i thought they did a great job. >> that's why i like tough questions from moderators. let's talk about people talking about the debate. the host of "the view" they
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said carly fiorina's face looked demented. they were referring specifically to this moment. >> gee, after the last debate i was told i didn't smile enough. >> here's what the women on "the view" had to say. >> she kicked off her thing saying, you know, people tell me i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she looked demented. her mouth did not downturn one time. >> that was a halloween mask. >> a smiling fiorina, can you imagine? >> joanne, can you believe the gals of "the view" picking on fiorina? >> when you read it it sounds worse. the delivery has a lot to do with all of this. and yes collins is a comedian, but to the same token, donald trump said something about carly fiorina's face and
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everybody jumps on trump for his looks. a panel of women who are self-proclaimed feminists would jump in there and immediately the first thing they criticize is her looks and, you know, it is a little two-faced. >> i think it is fine. they are comedians and joy has been making fun of people forever. i say they can make fun of her all they want, but they can't come down on donald trump for saying look at that face. >> they can make fun all they want, but don't throw stones at glass houses. if you have a beef jerkey neck you shouldn't be making comments. >> what is a salty neck? >> does your neck sweat? i mean actually salty like sodium. >> i don't think this is that controversial. i think carly was obviously trying to look demented.
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when chris christie suddenly turns into the camera -- where is the camera? turns into the camera and telling you, the american people. his face doesn't look like a clown as much. there is nothing wrong at all. she looked demented. what happened with carly when she got into that -- she was in the jv debate. and then she won a ticket to the real debate and everyone says here she is. her polls haven't gone up. why do you think? what is going on with carly? >> i think her smile is fine. i thought she was trying. i think it was stupid. they shouldn't have said that on "the view." if she becomes president she will can sell "the view." that's the first order of business. >> can she do that? >> she is president. she can do what she wants. >> she is not handling isis. she says no more "the view." if you wrote down what was
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said on this panel it may look controversial sometimes too. >> definitely. sexist, racist, all of the above. >> not that anybody would accuse us of that. i want to talk jim gilmore. he is the governor of virginia and he is running for president, but he is not verified on twitter. last night because he didn't qualify for the debate he was live tweeting it. somebody said why are you not verified. their policy is not prance parent. request for assistance has gone unanswered. for -- forget the presidency, should they verify him? >> i don't know what verify is. >> i'm on twitter. >> now next to your name, next to the y is there a blue check? >> i don't know. i will have to check that out. >> so i potentially don't exist on twitter? it is a hologram.
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>> twitter is saying you are not even a real person. >> i just got verified. >> was it you or was it certain people helping you out? >> i think my new found cultural heft helped out. >> what is really nice about being verified is if someone tries to impersonate you they don't have the blue check mark so people know it is a parody account of the unfortunately not everyone wants to be jim gilmore. >> i am trying to pretend to be gilmore. >> matt, do you think there is a left wing bias on twitter up until a few weeks ago and app -- ann coulter wasn't verified. >> that's a left wing secret. >> it is haphazard.
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when do you get the wikipedia page like they almost put a wikipedia page. >> i am from massachusetts and someone wrote down the prominent citizens and someone fought to have me removed. >> that was me. >> how are you doing with the verified? how are you doing with the blue check marks? >> i can't be president. >> it is like a mystery. they won't tell you on twitter how -- what the process is. >> i just have to tweet at twitter or whatever. >> get in a twitter feud with someone famous. it always works. donald trump says he is self-made, but is he? earlier this week trump says it hadn't been easy to become a billionaire and he only started out with a small loan from his dad for $1 million.
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the forbes 400 list of the world's wealthiest people is a self-made score for the richy richies. an inheritance helped someone get their riches. a 6 to 10 indicates people who truly made it on their own with oprah being a perfect 10 for being born dirt poor. as for trump his score of five means while he is in the inheritance category he did a great job of expanding his net worth much like the only dog on the forbes 400. >> fantastic, isn't it. >> i have a dog. he is not as classy as that dog. >> obviously. >> he is not verified.
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>> look, 69% of the people on the list scored in the self-made category. america is the land of opportunity. >> it does. look, who knows? maybe trump would grow up on the streets of tijuanna selling nickel bags. who knows? >> we don't foe how hard he had it. he could have been out there. it is a good thing they made that list. that's my opinion. >> i think it shows something. trump had a good deal. compared to what i built it was a small loan. >> i don't have sympathy for donald trump at all about anything. seriously. his dad was a real estate developer and he inherited a bunch of money. he got things none of us can dream of. him trying to talk out of that is silly. >> compare him to the heir to the durst fortune.
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>> i don't know, fred durst? >> yeah, the guy who murdered people? yeah trump is doing okay compared to him. >> the american dream is awesome and we are not ruled by old money. people don't use the phrase old money. people make new money. >> it proves our economy is dynamic and there is no division between the rich and the poor after all. >> everyone knows that. it is crazy to ask your parents for a million dollars. i asked my mom for 20 bucks and i had to give myself a 45 -minute pep talk. >> he said he gave it back with interest. >> i didn't give the 20 back. >> i thought that was classy, with interest. my parents helped me move to the city. i think they gave me a thousand dollar loan and i still haven't paid it back. >> thanks, parents. what does that give you two
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weeks in your apart meant? >> it wasn't a down payment, but first month. >> i cashed in bonds too. i don't discriminate. i will date any millionaire no matter how they got there. it all smells same. coming up, how to get rich from not doing your job.
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how do you get 240 grand for not doing your job? they fired two muslim drivers
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who refused to deliver beer citing adherence to islamic law. the equal employment opportunity commission sued and won. employers must make reasonable combinations unless it poses undo hardship on the business. >> what is undo hardship? it is one of the ambiguous phrases that legislators love to put in law so a judge in the future can reinterpret the statute anyway he pleases. a judge who doesn't know about running a trucking company and was a little intimidated by the bullies at the eeoc disagreed and rewarded the drivers who said they would do their job. why would the obama administration go to battle for religious liberty in this case, but go to battle against
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hobby lobby, wedding photographers, cake decorators, et cetera. i guess that's part of fundamentally transforming america as we know it. matt, did you see what i did there sph. >> wow. >> did you see how i worked that in with the thing. >> i was going straight to smoky and the bandit four. whatever happened to trucking in this company when men were men and you can bootleg booze and be chased by red neck cops. >> what will happen with the check? shots for everybody. >> you know, i'm a jew. my wife isn't. many times i had to buy a smoked ham and handle it and bring it home. i don't sue. i don't kick up a stink. i wait until no one is around and i make a sandwich. no one knows. >> you have to handle it. >> i have to handle it with the bare hands. >> they say paper or plastic and you say put it if my
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arms. >> joanne, do you think these guys prat up their objection when they were applying for the job? >> one would assume when you are applying for the job those conditions would be known by the employer. if it were an issue and you weren't able to do the job you wouldn't be hired. then you say am i not being hired because of my religion? that's another civil rights issue. i don't know. you never know someone's real intention. >> you can't ask that question. >> it gets have i messy -- it gets very messy. i don't know. i hope the judge wasn't persuaded like you suggested. >> bullied. you have the eeoc in there fighting. they are scary. >> sure that sound scary. >> how will you supposed to win against the eeoc and
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anthony to my point they are full of big words, reasonable accommodation. what does that even mean? it is reasonable. whatever you think is reasonable. >> these guys were probably just happy to be muslim. it really worked out. i'm sure they went through many tough times because they were and they were like we made the right choice or whatever. there was a similar case where the drivers were lining up at the airports and refused to go to the duty free shop and the airport was having trouble because we can't discriminate against these muslim drivers. then they are discriminating against you. >> isn't that the case the whole time? >> the cat is beginning to chase its tail for crying out loud and i don't even know what that means, but andy does.
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>> it is an analogy. you said you are a jew, but you will handle the ham hawk. >> i will handle it during the daylight hours with a bag and whatnot and then when i get hungry all bets are off. maybe that shouldn't be on camera. sometimes you have to go out there. >> you are saying to american-muslims you are here in our country so act like an american. >> have a corona. >> close your eyes as you are driving. >> if you are talking a reasonable combination, why is there a reasonable combination. >> they are carrying boxes. >> what if they were driving with dirty magazines? i would think that is against the religious side as well. >> if it is a vict club you
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double down. >> i'm sure they are opposed to that? >> there is a whole classified ad section. >> coming up, grab your coffee and kick off your shoes. half time request andy levy is almost here. r
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this is a fox news alert. the senate just approved final
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passage of the two-year budget and debt deal in a 62-35 vote. the agreement will raise the government debt ceiling until march 2017 preventing a default days from now. it will also set the budget of the government through the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years. it will provide an additional $80 billion more for military and domestic programs. talks aimed at ending the civil war in syria are continuing in vienna. john kerry and the senior diplomats from 20 other countries started negotiating yesterday. for the first time iran is also participating in the discussions. a manhunt ended in kentucky. a fugitive accused of shooting at police officers in tennessee have been killed in a shootout with authorities. 62-year-old cook was accused of shooting and injuring a cop in tennessee and shooting at a cop who wasn't injured. he was convicted of rape in the 70s and wanted for failing to comply with the
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register 6 offender registry. >> a high school football coach has been put on paid leave for praying. joe kennedy was told not to lead his team in prayer. the public school district is saying it violated the separation of church and state. >> we'll give you a closet to go hide in. i am a taxpayer. this is my community. my kids go to that school. you're telling me i can't do this? >> earlier the coach's lawyer said they are ready to school the -- sue the school district. >> she is tapping into her creative juices. to break up a fight she challenged the teens to a danceoff. if she won the teens would have to leave the area. i'm patricia stark and now back to "red eye." >> welcome back. to to find out what we got
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wrong on the "red eye" news deck. >> how are you down there? >> it is a little breezy up here tonight. >> debate stuff. it was a tough night for jeb bush. not really though. he got to tell the world he was 7-0 in fantasy football. >> he is bragging of the. >> jeb said he is not a per former. he is a doer. you have to do when you are running for president. explain ben carson. >> he is an under performer. perhaps the vitamins help. >> it is working for him. >> look, there is instances of exceptions. say there are exceptions. >> i think he figured out how to play the opposite of trump. you can do it and he's doing it.
12:35 am
>> you get a lot of energy with the homophobia. >> he did address it. i think dr. carson addressed it well in the debate. >> matt, i have a question for you. some people -- i think the cnbc moderators did a god awful job. some people are saying the questioning was hostile as if that was a bad thing. the questioning should be hostile. >> it should be hostile, but it shouldn't be incompetent and it shouldn't be about the moderators themselves. >> anderson cooper when he was cross-examine minuting hillary clinton he was great. he was gutting her and following her back and never made it about himself. you can do it and you should be a hostile interrogator. they started the debate with
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what's your biggest weakness? it is a bunch of politicians. >> that was not hostile. that was just dumb. >> i think the big thing here is what you said is the general sense which i think is correct is hostile questioning is okay if both sides got it equally from the media, but they tend not to. >> i don't know if that's true about debates. we have only seen one democratic debate and they got it stuck to them pretty good. i think the media does better at debates. >> i think you are a luis livered liberal. >> thank you. >> joe you said with this debate you learned nothing about the economy. >> the weirdest part is this was supposed to be the financial debate. they were to dig into the economic stuff and they didn't. >> all i learned was everyone has a tax plan and it is going
12:37 am
to put us further into debt. every candidate believes theirs is the best, but it is actually not. >> in general debates with this many people are dumb? >> yes. >> you have trump there all right. i don't know @hy you don't do it like the apprentice. somebody gets fired at the end of the debate and at the end you have the candidate. >> smain how you would -- explain how you could deal with isis. you have one minute. >> that would seem like a longer than one minute answer. the stuff on fear in his face. you said joy is a comedian and they can say something else
12:38 am
about fiorina's face. >> one could if one argued presidential candidates and comied yens should beheld to different standards. couldn't one? >> i guess so but it is do involved at this point. >> and you are okay with that? we are not good at entertaining people. >> you swung me to the side. >> jim gilmore is not verified. this is the saddest political story of the year. >> now that i said it great. tweeting horrific stuff. >> you said someone fought to have you removed from the list of prominent norwood citizens?
12:39 am
>> i am not done fighting. >> i will win. >> how the super rich got their money. >> they grew up on the streets of tijuanna and selling nickel bags we didn't know. >> i would stretch it a little. >> you got me. >> i check facts. i am a "red eye" virgin. >> i am not sure why forbes refused to acknowledge this, but they were bitten by a radio active billionaire. >> muslim truck drivers refuse to drive. >> i think this is literally insane. it is the law. the company obviously thought it was an undo hardship which is why they fired the guy. the truck company said they could have made a reasonable accommodation for the muslim
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driver. that's why it only took 45 minutes to make the ruling. >> the law should be written in a different way. >> with the law written as it is now which i agree with you, the truck company said they could have made this accommodation. >> we are in agreement. on the other hand the trucking company went out of business so those guys ain't getting no $240,000. they couldn't get beer to places it needed to go. i am done. >> time to take a break. unit but don't go anywhere. donald trump gives knee a tour of his city next. and i will be headlining at the boston comedy special on november 14th. come and say hello. ticket.ston comedy
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on the heels of the latest gop debate i met up with my good friend donald trump for lunch. take a look. >> okay, i'm ready for my date with donald. here he is now. mr. trump! mr. trump! >> how are you? i don't usually shake hands. i don't want to get into the habit. >> are you ready for our lunch date. we final, final spend some time together. >> i was thinking empanadas.
12:45 am
>> that's mexican, right? i love mexican food. i love the mexican people. i have never had an impala. >> i am glad he made peace with you. we had a bad show, but tom called and apologized and so i am back on the show. >> let me be the first to call you mr. president. i know you haven't gn there for me. it is incredible i own that building and that building. basically i own most of fifth avenue. every knows how fantastic it will be when i am president. it will be huge. i love the rockefeller center, but i am very upset about the flags.
12:46 am
when i become president these flags will be american flags. i don't even know have these countries. you though what? i don't care. i jeep losing ton willed that -- i keep losing. >> i can take photographs. >> at some point we will get together for tea or coffee. >> i consistent see that, but that's god. what do you like about me the most? >> your personality. >> i am half zimbabwe and half swraw may ken. i can have you in the miss universe paneling -- pageant because you come from such a long way. >> trying to conduct an interest view and everybody wants a selfie with donald.
12:47 am
>> beautiful, thankful. you're hired. >> this is a fantastic stour of the greatest city in the world. >> we have some people from spain right over here. >> do you love spain? >> i love spain. i love everything. >> where are you from in spain? >> madrid. >> madrid. >> madrid is fantastic. >> what is your favorite thing about thork city? >> the favorite part is i built so much of it. you got some applause in the streets. you nuts it is from other people uh clouding because they know i am going to make america great again and if he is behind me he will be behind me.
12:48 am
a big gentleman from bangladesh great. i would like a bigger cab. beautiful women in bikinis. i love donald trump. >> she loves donald trump and she is going to vote for me. >> are you a citizen citizen? >> yes, see that. a u.s. sit ken is voting for me and this is fantastic of the. >> 7:30. >> these are absolutely -- i never bought food from a box, but this is the best food ever ever bought to. beautiful. we'll have to come back. >> there it is. those were empanada's. >> what? what's up? what's your background?
12:49 am
>> wow, tom, that was something to watch. listen this is the greatest way i have ever been in this race. >> it is good though. >> yeah, it is a good treat, but i enjoy -- guy a lot of people think it is ecuador. >> you never know. the wonderful multi culture railing -- multi-cultural world upon us. i don't know what is going on here. >> it is the time square and they are bees -- $4. >> short rib. anything from a pig. >> that is from a cow.
12:50 am
>> we'll close things out with a bedtime story.
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supply coming up, anthony and ethan bareman. >> has feminism gone too far? a female blogger wants us to remove the word "too" t-o-o from our vow cab blear because it is sexist. "the 3 letter word it cuts women down every day and before a haircut her friend cautioned, you don't want it to be too short or too long. >> it made her realize that, quote, there is no way for a woman to cut her hair let alone do something right. there is a wide marker for perfection. everything is to -- too this and too that.
12:55 am
obviously she never immediate fred. >> i'm too sexy for my shirt ♪ ♪ so sexy it hurts >> i want to see the guys rip the shirts off. >> the fashion is holding up. >> are there other words we banned? >> she stumbled into adulthood. i'm too fat. >> i am de calf -- decaffeinated. >> he is the -- he is like baby bear. >> this show has taken a turn. >> any other words we should eliminate? >> get rid of them all.
12:56 am
>> i have been called too ugly, too short, everything. two, i want to seep are two guys. >> joanne don't you have to deal with this? don'tly too pretty today? don't be too -- you know. i am humble is my real problem. now is the best time to be a woman. i thought years ago we broke down those walls of i have to be too skinny and too fat. tay was about girl power and being yourself. she is late to the party. >> isn't that it? >> this is my question. if we eliminate two can women still say it?
12:57 am
if i am going on a road trip the music is too loud and too hold. >> they can say it, but you can't. that does it for moo, tom shillue. that does it for me, tom shillue. see you next time. but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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>> less than 24 hours after a debate even some liberal media experts describe as a train wreck, some of the candidates are demanding answers as o how things went so off the rails. welcome to "the kelly file" everybody, i'm megyn kelly. sounding f, now demanding changes for debates in the future. in fact, the two-hour shout fest got so ugly last night between the cnbc host and some of the people on that stage that almost every candidate who participated has since made time to register their complaints. >> the


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